Top Things to Look For Your Wedding Guests in Hotel

If you are set to book a hotel for marriage function in Rajkot, India, there are some important areas to look for in accommodation for your wedding guests. Since you have invited your guests to attend your wedding, it becomes your responsibility to research hotels and book a room block to the process simpler for the staff. This will also help you getting discounts.

You must pay attention to these details-


Limit your search by selecting nearby hotels at wedding venue. There are some hotels and banquets providing both, i.e. wedding place and accommodation for guests. However, if you find none of these hotels with accommodation option, go for other accommodation offers for wedding guests within walking distance. You can even select some hotels that can be easily reachable via public transportation or personal conveyance.

In case you find no option but to choose a hotel which is bit far from wedding venue, you may need to arrange transportation for the guests who have no personal conveyance.


If you are planning a regular wedding and looking for a hotel for marriage function, your budget plays a critical role. Make a list of guests who may need rooms in the hotel. There are hotels providing room block option for such events. Room block option at two or more hotels is helpful for those with budget constraint. Such hotels can be booked at a variety of price points. If you don’t want to take such stress during wedding, just hire someone who can do legwork for you and get the best hotel deal for marriage.


List the number of guests that need accommodation during wedding. If you have a bunch of out-of-town guests, search for bigger hotels for accommodation of wedding guests. If there are a few guests coming from out-of-town, consider smaller inns and rooms and breakfasts.


While doing your research work, don’t forget to check the photos of rooms and reviews. Online platform is the best way to find out which hotel has maximum good reviews for service and rooms. Find the most comfortable rooms for your guests to escape from any complaint later.


If you have selected a hotel for your marriage function in Rajkot, do check the availability for accommodation option. If the hotel and rooms are available on the event date, you can get a quote.


Hotel amenities list includes cable TV, Wifi, parking, swimming pool, fitness center, and room service. However, you should list your “must-haves” in a diary and ask the manager to provide the basic amenities to your guests- this may include car parking, TV, and internet.

See the online directories of Best Hotels in Rajkot City for marriage function and book accordingly. You need to take care of these basic things before contracting with any hotel for your marriage event.

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