Why Isolation Transformers Work Fine In India?

Engineers usually apply isolation transformers to maintain equipment separation from a source of power. This initiates and allows users to keep sensitive things like lab equipment and healthcare protected and powered. Manufacturing units are designing isolation transformers in India effectively in order to make it more useful and beneficial.

Isolation transformers are being used in different industries of India, such as computer installation and biomedical equipment. This type of transformer helps transfer the power electricity from the AC (alternate current) source to any equipment and machinery. However, it isolates the powered device from the power source for safety reasons. In this way isolation transformer protects the devices from short circuits and electric shock.

What are the types of isolation transformers available?

Isolation transformer is classified on the basis of following considerations-

  1. Construction or winding arrangement –
    1. Step up isolation transformer
    2. Step down isolation transformer
  2. Alternating current type-
    1. Single phase isolation transformer
    2. Three phase isolation transformer

A step up isolation transformer has more number of windings in the secondary coil than primary coil, which results in increased voltage output. The design of step up isolation transformer is based on principle of induction.

A step down isolation transformer has more number of windings in the primary coil than secondary coil, which results in reduced current voltage output. The design of step down isolation transformer is based on induction principle.

Single phase isolation transformers are designed to operate on power supplies with single-phase. Industries use this transformer with low-power applications. Single phase isolation transformer has two windings on its single common iron core.

Three phase isolation transformers are designed to deal with higher voltages. The primary and secondary windings of three phase isolation transformer are arranged by the manufacturers in three phases. These windings are connected in different ways, i.e. star or delta pattern.

What are the benefits of isolation transformers?

Industries from government, commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors can use isolation transformer and avail its benefits, such as-

  1. Equipment safety – isolation transformer ensures equipment safety that is used in hospitals and nursing homes.
  2. Reduction of electric surges- isolation transformer helps reduce the electric surges and allows any machinery to function in most effective way even at higher voltages.
  3. Lower noise interruptions – The benefit of lowering noise interruption makes isolation transformer a perfect fit for equipments like speakers, telecommunication means, etc.
  4. Enhanced power supply – isolation transformers improves the power quality that impacts on operations of any type of device or equipment.

Application of isolation transformer-

Isolation transformer can be used in small sizes for isolation in pulse circuits. Industries may use them to provide electrical isolation in medical or lab equipment. These transformers can be applied in electronics testing and servicing to ensure safety without touching any live part of the circuit with high voltage.

More manufacturing units of isolation transformers in India are getting approached by global clients due to their premium range. If you want a transformer for your space, get connected with Indian supplier and avail the product at competitive price.

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